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You can request reservation with the form below.
※ is a required item.

【please note】

  • There is no staff who can speak English, so we can not respond by phone.
  • After this form submission is done, we will present a quote from our company.
  • For customers booking for a long term, "reservation fee" may be incurred. Please note.
  • I am satisfied and the reservation will be completed after receiving your reply.
  • Because we have corresponded to the contact order, reservations of other customers may be prioritized.
  • It may take 2 to 3 days to contact you.
  • If there is no reply from us after 2 days or more, please check whether there is a mistake in the input mail address or there is a possibility that the reply from our company has been sorted into a troublesome folder.
  • If you use a free e-mail address (Yahoo, hotmail, google mail, etc.), it seems that the reply from us is automatically moved to the junk mail folder. If you do not reply from us after two days or more, please check the spam folder. Also, please change the setting so that it can be received. If you do not see a reply in the unwanted folder, please take a moment to contact us again by phone etc.
Street address

Age age
Cell phone number  -  - 
Car model
Departure date
※After confirming the estimated price by e-mail, it will be a reservation
※Airport ↔ ︎ We have free pick up
Return date
※After confirming the estimated price by e-mail, it will be a reservation, but we may not be able to reply from our company due to mistake of e-mail address etc. Please do not make input mistake.
※Airport ↔ ︎ We have free pick up
Number of people

Grown up people

children people

Child seat
Junior seat

※Child seat · junior seat is 500 yen / 24 hours option.

Mail Address
Airport pickup
Chitose Airport arrival time

※For those who need to pick up and transfer to Chitose Airport by airplane, please fill in the time and arrival flight of the above items.

Office → Airport transfer
Question / Request

※If you have any requests such as purchased items or rental items, please write it here.
(Example) "Cooler BOX rental wish" etc.